Jamal Omar

Jamal Omar was raised as a Catholic. He was born in Michigan, and went to the US Navy. He accepted Islam while on active duty. He finished his service in the Navy and he started college and currently holds a BA in English and Applied Linguistics with a minor in Religious Studies, a MA in Education Curriculum and Instruction, and a PhD in Higher Education Administration. In the past he was the Islamic Chaplain for the Department of Corrections of Minnesota. Islamic teacher of Islamic History and the Fundamentals of Islam. He is currently working on a MA in Usool ad-Dawah. He designs Islamic curriculum in English for Islamic schools. His love for education and learning is only surpassed by his love of sharing Islam with others. He has designed educational programs about Muslims for Religious Organizations, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and has traveled around the world lecturing and teaching about the beauty of Islam for both the Muslim and the non-Muslim community alike. His internet websites www.islam4u.us and www.caresmn.org He can be contacted at jomar@caresmn.org

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